Autodesk Inventor gains momentum for furniture makers

Ellis Furniture Autodesk Inventor User of the year

Do you use Autodesk Inventor for Furniture design, Joinery, Cabinet making or Millwork? You do? Great!

Over the last few weeks a number of stories have caught my eye that might also interest you. Read more to find out about Ellis Furniture (This years Autodesk Inventor user of the year) Studiworx new bespoke training package for Joinery and Microconcepts acquisition of the distribution rights for Tools4Inventor


Autodesk Inventor for Woodworkers – Where do I start?!

Autodesk Inventor Questions

Are you considering implementing Autodesk Inventor at your company? Don’t know where to start? Read this start up guide from someone who’s been there!


Woodworking Health and Safety.


Did you know that the woodworking industry has one of the highest accident rates? The Health & Safety Executive has a Woodworking Website for us.


Wood Screw Head Types


Do you know your Countersunk from your Pan Head? do you know What a Fillister head is? How about a Bugle head? If you are not certain, check out this handy info graphic.

This post includes a downloadable AutoCAD file…


Everything you never knew you needed to know about Recessed Screw Drives


A ‘Screw Drive’ is the system used to turn a screw. The drive is a feature on the Screw’s head that allows the Screw to be turned.

Read the rest of this Article to find out more about the different types of recessed screw drives.


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The 'Sagulator' – The Shelf Sag Calculator

The 'Sagulator' - The Shelf Sag Calcualtor

Check out this handy guide for calculating whether your shelf will look as straight as a Die – or as saggy as a pair of old knickers.


The Cutting Room: Extraordinary CNC Timber panel routing

The Cutting Room - Professional CNC Timber panel routing

‘We believe buying CNC shaped panels should be as easy as buying a pizza.’ I was sent a link to this site by Roy, our CNC programmer. I’m really impressed by the work that ‘The Cutting Room’ have produced. Some of the work is very similar to a couple of the projects that Roy and I have More..

The Open Design Project, The Autodesk Inventor iLogic Guru

Mark Randa's

The Open Design Project is a website focused on designing wooden buildings and products using Autodesk Inventor. The site is enthusiastically run by ex Yacht draftsman and iLogic Guru Mark Randa. Open Design Project Features Autodesk Inventor Tutorials, Articles on BIM and Woodworking projects. Mark has  lot of experience with iLogic and his site shows some great examples.


Widom Associates: The sharpest tool in the box for Cabinetry and Joinery

Widom Associates

One of the big names using Autodesk Inventor exclusively for Woodworking. Steve Widom is a familiar face from Autodesk University. His session ‘Autodesk Inventor – The sharpest tool in the box for cabinetry and joinery’ was a conference  highlight, even for people who weren’t joiners, and didn’t use Inventor!