An Introduction to AutoCAD 2015

AutoCAD 2015 Splash Screen

It seems that recently Autodesk have changed how they develop AutoCAD. Acad 2015 gives us a new emphasis on usability, productivity and speed.

However you feel about Autodesk’s maintenance subscription strategy, it is finally opening up some changes in Autodesk’s ‘Ux’ (User Experience) development process.

Freed from having to have ‘Big Ticket’ developments in each new release to try and attract customers, Autodesk are looking back over their body of work to optimise AutoCAD’s performance and make it as user friendly as possible.


What design software today could best meet furniture market tendencies?

woodworkforinventor logo

What software should you use for Furniture making, Cabinetry, Joinery or Millwork ? This weeks guest post from Graham Mansfield of Microconcepts introduces ‘Woodwork for Inventor’.


Inforbix monster search engine integrated into PLM 360

Inforbix search in PLM 360

Oleg Shilovitsky finally reveals how his Inforbix search engine will be integrated into Autodesk PLM 360.


3DMTP – The Ultimate way to print Architectural models?


Would you like to see a physical manifestation of your Architectural 3D digital CAD model? Would you like to hold it in your hand – or show it off to your clients and colleagues?

3D printing sounds good. In fact, it sounds great! But printing scale models of buildings has its problems.

Buildings can be really, really BIG. Printing at 1:1 scale isn’t usually practical or necessary. If you take an Architectural element such as a truss, a window mullion or a handrail and try to print it at 1:100 scale, the element becomes so thin that it simply won’t print.

But the good folk at 3DMTP believe that they have the answer…


Develop3D Inventor 2013 review by the CAD Setter Out!

Develop3D magazine May 2012

The most wonderful thing about the internet is the opportunity to get involved with people and projects that you might simply never come across in your daily life.

After three years writing for the – finally, validation! I was recently honoured to have been invited to write an article for Develop3D (D3D) Magazine.

Find out what I made of Autodesk Inventor 2013 in this article.


An introduction to Autodesk Inventor 2013

Autodesk Inventor 2013

With a reported 82 new features (I didn’t count them all!) Autodesk have worked hard this year to make Autodesk Inventor 2013 more intuitive and easier to use than ever.

But I know that you only care about these five things:


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An introduction to AutoCAD 2013

AutoCAD 2013

You may have been watching AutoCAD’s development over the last few years, wondering where the really big stuff is. Where are the fantastic new technologies? Where are the enticing gifts that make installing a new version of AutoCAD as exciting as a shiny new bike at Christmas?

In fact – there has been a lot going on under the hood for AutoCAD over the last few years, and it’s only when you start to look at the bigger picture that the development path starts to become clear.


Testing Autodesk Lab’s latest ‘CAD in the Cloud’ solution – Project Quickshare

Autodesk Project Quickshare

First came, Project Freewheel, then Autodesk Freewheel, and then Project Nitrous. Autodesk have always been at the cutting edge of sharing drawings over the web. Autodesk’s latest ‘CAD in the Cloud’ solution ‘Project Quickshare’, takes the HTML 5 DWF Viewer from Project Nitrous and allows you to upload your DWF’s without downloading any software having to have an account.


Review: Swift Prints 2.0 For Autodesk Inventor

Swift Prints collapsed Dialogue

Check out this review of Swift Prints 2.0, a FREE Beta Plugin from that adds plot configurations to Autodesk Inventor.


An Introduction to Autodesk 123D.

Autodesk 123D

Carl Bass moves one step closer to realising his personal dream of empowering a new Generate of ‘Makers’ to use the latest in CAD, Rapid prototyping and the web to craft their designs.

Find out what I thought of 123D here!