Inventor HSM works Express – Call for Beta Testers

Autodesk 360 tools with CAM360 highlighted

Do you use Autodesk Inventor? Are you fed up with your current CNC solution? Have you ever hankered after one of those groovy CAM packages that runs inside your favourite CAD package? This could be the opportunity for you!

Announcement by Antony Graves – Product Manager for CAM at Autodesk…

D3DLive 2013! Were you there?

D3D Live 2013

When I am old and in my dotage, I will listen to the young CADlets that gather at my knee;

‘Gee grand-pops’ they will say – ‘were you really there?’

‘Yes!’ I will say. ‘I was at D3DLive 2013!’

Autodesk Inventor gains momentum for furniture makers

Ellis Furniture Autodesk Inventor User of the year

Do you use Autodesk Inventor for Furniture design, Joinery, Cabinet making or Millwork? You do? Great!

Over the last few weeks a number of stories have caught my eye that might also interest you. Read more to find out about Ellis Furniture (This years Autodesk Inventor user of the year) Studiworx new bespoke training package for Joinery and Microconcepts acquisition of the distribution rights for Tools4Inventor

CAD Cube re-brands as ‘Specified by’

SpecifyBy logo

Darren Lester, founder of  ‘the CAD cube’, has now re-branded his site as ‘Specified by’.

The main difference for us is that we no longer see ourselves as a CAD library, but a specification library. This means rather than hosting a library of manufacturers CAD models, we will host a range of manufacturers digital files, including CAD models, but also BIM components, technical/specification documents, case studies and more.

Driving Inventor with the top down, Live at AU 2012

Autodesk Inventor from the top down

Did you miss out on AU 2012 this year – shame on you ;)

Not to worry. It’s not too late to have the best of the content come to you. Including the LIVE recording of my first ever class at Autodesk University…

Free 3D model downloads from the CAD cube

Content is King, so why waste time building up your library when you can download it for free?

TheCADcube is the latest of many web sites dedicated to providing you with 3D models to help you build up your library. CAD Cube is aimed at the Architectural industry, but interestingly there is no mention of BIM in sight…

‘BIM may well be the future for the construction industry, and the demand for BIM is steadily growing, but CAD users are going to be in the majority for the foreseeable future.’

In this post I’m talking to Darren Lester, 26 year old Architectural technologist, resident Entrepreneur at Edinburgh University and founder of the CAD Cube.

End of the year round up 2012

The CAD Setter out Logo

Dance, Laugh, cry – ride the highs and lows of 2012 with us at

Do you review drawings?

The CAD Setter out Logo

What does a good set of drawings look like to you?

Since starting my new job, I have been working hard to understand the needs of our internal customers – but there is a group that is harder to reach… YOU!

At least, those of you Architects, Engineers and Designers who are responsible for reviewing shop drawings or submittal drawing sets.

So, let me ask you – What do you look for when you review a set of drawings? What makes your heart leap with joy as you turn the page? What makes you grind your teeth in frustration? I’d really like to know…

Win a copy of Mastering Inventor at AU2012

A big thank you to Curtis Waguespack and Sybex publishing for providing me with three copies of ‘Mastering Inventor 2013′ to give away this week.

So you made it to Autodesk University, what now?

AU 2012 exterior route to convention centre

Congratulations – You made it! I’m sure that your going to have a great time an learn heaps. But if you haven’t been to Autodesk University before, where should you start?