Inventor iFeatures: Lark’s Tongue Chamfer

Autodesk Inventor has some great tools for creating Features such as Fillets, Chamfers and Holes. But what if you want to create a more complicated re-usable Feature?

If you haven’t used iFeatures before –  Read this guide to how to add iFeatures to Inventor

A Lark’s Tounge iFeature

This is a variation on a Stopped chamfer Inventor iFeature. This version of a stopped chamfer has curved ends, like you might get with a router, spindle moulder or spoke shave.

The download .ZIP contains the placement help, and I’ve recorded a short video which you can see below.

Autodesk Inventor Lark's Tounge Chamfer iFeature

Download “Lark's Tongue Stopped Chamfer” – Downloaded 8 times – 834 kB

If you would like to find out how to create iFeatures yourself read my Autodesk Inventor  iFeatures Primer.

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