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Paul Munford

Welcome to the Cad Setter Out. This is my Blog for posting the tips, tricks, tutorials and reference that I have picked up over the last few years of producing joinery shop drawings using CAD. The focus will be on Autodesk software products, primarily AutoCad and Inventor (because that’s what I use) and on Setting Out working drawings for the Construction industry (because that’s what I do). I hope that this Blog will become a useful resource for my colleagues and myself, and maybe for you too.

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – in conclusion

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger Council Day

The AutoCAD 2015 Bloggers day was my kind of event :D

The opportunity to visit San Francisco was amazing, One Market was cool, Pier 9 was awesome and being the first to know about AutoCAD 2015 was a treat – but the highlight of the weekend was meeting all the people who make these things happen.

An Introduction to AutoCAD 2015

AutoCAD 2015 Splash Screen

It seems that recently Autodesk have changed how they develop AutoCAD. Acad 2015 gives us a new emphasis on usability, productivity and speed.

However you feel about Autodesk’s maintenance subscription strategy, it is finally opening up some changes in Autodesk’s ‘Ux’ (User Experience) development process.

Freed from having to have ‘Big Ticket’ developments in each new release to try and attract customers, Autodesk are looking back over their body of work to optimise AutoCAD’s performance and make it as user friendly as possible.

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – Pick and mix Suites?

AutoCAD LT desktop subscription

No one wanted to be critical of Autodesk while enjoying their hospitality, but I could tell that this was a subject that most of the bloggers at the table felt passionately about. In my own personal opinion, that’s because we are often the ones who have to explain Autodesk’s pricing decisions to our bosses – and justify the cost!

so - Is the new AutoCAD LT 2015 ‘Desktop Subscription’ (Licence Rental) offer from Autodesk value for Money?

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – Pier Nine

3D Printed speaker covers

Pier Nine is the workshop in which Carl Bass’s Minions work on the technology to support Carl’s quest for world domination. The Autodesk Helicarrier/Flying fortress is being developed here along with all the equipment required by Carl’s swat team – the ‘Industructables’.

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – One Market Street San Francisco

Welcome to Autodesk

For a self confessed CAD geek like me, the opportunity to visit the Autodesk’s One Market street Offices is akin to being invited to look round Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!

As part of the AutoCAD blogger day we were given the ‘Guided tour’ of the AutoCAD design process by Ux (User Experience) director Joanna Cook – I challenged Joanna with a question…

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – Welcome to Tiburon


Welcome to Tiburon  in Marin Country, Birthplace of Autodesk, and AutoCAD!

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – the anticipation

Autodesk One Market

Back in 2005 I attended the first ever AUGI CAD camp to be held in the UK. This was my first taste of learning from Industry stalwarts such as Matt Murphy, Robert Green and Lynn Allen. I learned so much more in one day than I had in the previous 6 months trying to teach More..

Been quiet? A little tooo quiet?

An image of a surface created with Autodesk Inventor

If you’ve never tries creating surface models with Autodesk Inventor – or you’ve tried and been unsuccessful, this Video tutorial series is for you!

Top down design with Autodesk Inventor at Autodesk University 2013

Autodesk University 2013 Logo

MA2604 – Drive Autodesk® Inventor® with the Top Down: Alternative Assembly Modeling Techniques

Top down, bottom up, skeletal modeling, layout models, multi-body master parts: If you are having difficulty turning your part models into assembly models, do not despair! There are many alternative assembly techniques that can help you produce great results.

Which Direction is Autodesk Headed? A tech info rant

The Autodesk range of Cloud based CAD Products

When Milt (a.k.a: Drafter1981) posted this I was intrigued and couldn’t help but respond.

Just a question sort of….”Which direction is Autodesk headed?” What I really mean is “What is the best way to work or use Autodesk products?” I’m sure this discussion has come up before and maybe I just missed it. The big thing lately has been to use BIM related products…I think. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know and that is why I’m asking. I know with AutoCAD things have changed quite a bit and again, “What is the best way to use AutoCAD”?

Again, with BIM becoming more and more a significant way to work, is it even worth the time and effort to upgrade our skills? Once I get a Revit file converted to AutoCAD for a customer to use, do we really have to do anything with the file? That is why I’ve ask this simple and yet complex question of which direction is Autodesk headed?